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Welcome to O'Hanlon Dance Studio 

Welcome to O'Hanlon Dance Studio & Stageschool, was founded my Emer O'Hanlon in 1985. Her Daughter Rachel O'Hanlon Founded O'Hanlon Acrobatic Dance in 2017. They have now come together to create O'Hanlon Dance studio in 2020.

A  quick note From Emer & Rachel 

We hope you enjoy your time exploring what we have on offer. We have plenty of classes to suitable for all age groups & abilities. If you have any questions at all give us a call and we will answer what ever you need. 

Step 1 - Read about who we are and if you think your child belongs in O'Hanlons 
Step 2 - Click " Dance Styles" to explore what we have on offer
Step 3 - Click "Programs" This will give you all classes available for your child 
Step 4 - Fill our the form and get ready to your child's Confidence & talent grow!

Why Choose us?

With 36 years experience we have the bonded knowledge of old & modern making a combination to ensure your child's success. 

The O'Hanlon Mother & Daughter duo have a unique way of teaching toddlers right up to young adults. Within this method your child is going to build an inward strength that will help them open doors to their brightest future, as everyone is different. We all have different goals so maybe your child wants to be a primary school teacher? a performer? or a vet. When your child Graduates from our Studio they will have the skills of life. Patience, Dedication, an Independent thinking mind. This is all done through Performing arts & Acrobatics. We ensure your child will build Strength and courage each and every week. 



We are just a phone call away, to answer all your question. Don't wait until tomorrow give your child the gift of confidence today.

Stageschool & Ballet :  Emer O'Hanlon - 0863377195               Acrobatics & Hip Hop: Rachel O'Hanlon - 0830601364

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