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Full of attitude the senior hip hop dance trio
O'Hanlon team performing Musical Theatre routine


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have sought to answer the most commonly asked questions, but if you still have questions, our contact details are below. 

Mob: 083 - 060 1364 (Rachel)

Mob: 086 - 337 7195 (Emer)


My child is just 3 years old, can he/she join the school/class? 

  • Absolutely. We have a creative movement programme specifically designed for younger children. ​After this class, they will progress to either the transition or first steps classes. 

My child is 11 years old, is that too old to start dancing?  

  • Most definitely not. Every child has the potential to develop the necessary skills for a promising future in performance, based on their determination. We can create a tailored program for their initial year to facilitate their skill development.


Do you have any classes suitable for boys?

  • All our classes have both boys and girls attending them. Dance is equally beneficial for boys as it is for girls, fostering physical fitness, self-expression, confidence, and teamwork, while breaking gender stereotypes and promoting inclusivity. At O'Hanlons, we have a number of boys across our dance teams. Initially, boys often show interest in more physically oriented classes such as acrobatics & hip hop, and the more dramatic stageschool.

Are students divided into age groups?

  • Yes, most of the classes are divided based on age. However, in some instances, acrobatics classes may be organized according to skill level. Regarding acrobatics, our school places a strong emphasis on proper, safe technique, gradual progression, and individualized instruction to prevent any potential injuries. In this context, we emphasize the importance of establishing fundamental strength and flexibility before progressing to more complex maneuvers. Consequently, it is more suitable for the acrobatics class to be divided based on individual abilities.

Do you run camps?

  • We have camps running in easter and the summer. Everyone is welcome! Drop us a line or keep an eye on our instagram page for details. @ohanlons_ohad

Are private lessons available?

  • Yes. These however are only available to students who are already taking classes with the school.  

Will my child be able to take exams? 

  • In all our stageschool classes, students participate in musical theatre examinations. In the case of Ballet, we conduct RAD ballet exams (Royal Academy of Dance), while for acrobatics, we adhere to the acrobatics arts assessments, which showcase your child's skill spectrum, acrobatics proficiency and official level.

What should my child wear to class? 

  • At the outset, it's crucial to opt for comfortable clothing. Your child should have the freedom to move and stretch easily, making items like tracksuits and t-shirts suitable. As they become more involved with O'Hanlons, we kindly ask students to adhere to a uniform policy. For those participating in recreational activities, this entails wearing O'Hanlons black leggings or tracksuit bottoms (for boys) along with a leotard. The team have specific additional requirements, which will be conveyed when needed.

​Where are you based?  

  • We have four locations in Dublin. The main dedicated studio is in Walkinstown (3 minutes from the main roundabout). We also have a presence in Firhouse, Blackrock and Terenure. Please see our contact page for specific addresses. 

What is a dance team? 

  • The dance teams are for those children, who are passionate about performing arts and want to commit more time to the discipline. We have five teams, superminis, minis, junior, teens and seniors. They train between 5 and 10 hours a week and compete in several competitions across the year.  ​We compete in a range of categories, from jazz, to musical theatre, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary and more. 

How do I join the dance team? 

  • We have auditions each September where children can express their interest. If however, you are coming from another dance team, please drop us a line as exceptions can be made. 

Do you have a sibling discount? 

  • Indeed, we offer a clear and tiered pricing system. The more classes you enroll in, the lower the cost per class. Additionally, there is a family discount for siblings.

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